Requirement to Install a Backflow Prevention Device - Greater Western Water - Victoria


You will need to install a backflow prevention device on your property if your property is assessed as a high or medium hazard risk.

  • High risk sites use or produce products of a toxic or bacterial nature that may cause death if leaked into the main water supply (e.g. chemical plants and hospitals).
  • Medium risk sites can endanger health if backflow occurs (e.g. caravan parks and public swimming pools).
  • Low lisk sites could result in a nuisance but not endanger health if contamination occurs (e.g. residential homes).

If your property is assessed as needing a device, you must have it installed by a licensed plumber within three months. Your licensed backflow prevention plumber will also complete a Certificate of Compliance and Backflow Prevention Inspection and Maintenance Report.

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Eligibility requirements

You are responsible for arranging the installation, maintenance and annual testing by a suitably qualified person of the backflow prevention device. The property owner is responsible for the costs associated with the installation of the backflow device and ensuring the backflow test report is submitted within 20 days of the test being conducted.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

You are responsible to arrange a suitably qualified person to conduct ongoing annual servicing and testing of testable backflow prevention devices and lodge the test results with the Agency.

Act(s) name

Water Act 1989 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) Regulations 2014 Victoria

Administering agency

Greater Western Water

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